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Track Employee Productivity Terminating one underachieving worker and training his replacement can deplete up to a fifth of his annual salary, so we advise managing employee performance well to correct minor issues, improve staff retention, and prevent unnecessary and costly separations and new hires. That goal can be challenging though when team players work from remote client construction sites or multiple factory locations. Young Entrepreneur Council members recommend their 14 favorite software and apps to monitor personnel productivity and performance.

1. Google Streak

Numerous apps manage big projects while ignoring side tasks. If sending and receive forgettable emails is creating missed opportunities, TalkLocal’s Manpreet Singh suggests Google Streak to track business email requests. Besides displaying all unresolved messages, you can set reminders to follow through with every concept and prospect.

2. TinyPulse

Chad Halvorson of When I Work uses TinyPulse to sense employees’ feelings quickly. In under five minutes, you get insight into your team’s concerns and needs. Then you can discuss outcomes in meetings, addressing solutions to the whole company.

3. SnapEngage

Robert De Los Santos at Sky High Party Rentals endorses SnapEngage, a live chat app. The dashboard allows managers to review customers’ typical questions and staffers suggested solutions. Supervisors can determine if company websites and employees are offering the latest information, notice workers’ downtimes, and assign other activities between calls.

4. Salesforce

Jayna Cooke runs EVENTup on Salesforce, a computer-based customer service platform. It tracks your staff’s productivity by numbers of phone calls, sent emails, created opportunities, and money made. Measuring key performance indicators is easy. Salesforce generates automatic reports summarizing each day’s work and performance.

5. WorkiQ

Jyot Singh at RTS Labs tracks employees’ computer behavior with the WorkiQ app, which reports productive and unproductive times. Dashboards display clear visuals that distinguish staffers whom work engages actively from continually distracted ones.

6. 15Five’s Miles Jennings recommends 15Five web-based software to improve manager/employee communication and performance evaluations. It’s ideal when bosses are too busy to evaluate staffers’ work and Track Employee Productivity determine which tasks require guidance. 15Five encourages cooperation to resolve problems and complete projects in a communicative workplace.

7. Asana/Harvest Integration

Start Ranking Now’s Nicole Munoz prefers the Asanacommunication application to standard web and smartphone email programs. Integration with Harvest enables all workers to record their hours so supervisors can oversee budgets efficiently. Bosses can assign tasks individually, audit them in real time, and handle any issues promptly.

8. iDoneThis

Brett Farmiloe at Markitors adopted iDoneThis as an easy way for staffers and executives to check performance. It gives contributors opportunities to celebrate their achievements. Employees receive evening email reminders to reply with that day’s accomplishments. The next day, team leaders get summaries of their crews’ work.

9. Trello

Matt Hunckler of Verge appreciates cloud-based Trello for helping him visualize his workflow and organize projects. Get out of your inbox and use this free robust app on numerous devices to manage processes better. Use list boards to structure tasks and synchronize growing crews easily for multiple business functions.

10. Basecamp

Brooke Bergman at Allied Business Network Inc. chose Basecamp to facilitate project management on computers and portable devices. Various employees enter their tasks by day, week, or month to check off upon completion. Superiors can view all workers’ agendas and accomplishments, noting shortfalls that need addressing to reach individual objectives.

11. Assembla

A website and app project workspace tool, Assembla enables strong, continual communication among Dalip Jaggi’s development team and defines Devise Interactive’s current workload. Git integration helps synchronize commit and ticket processes. Project managers enjoy decreased emails, upgraded quality assurance, and not having to badger their crews.

12. Todoist

According to Anthony Johnson, American Injury Attorney Group uses Todoist to inform all personnel about everything from vital daily tasks to minor details. The ultimate to-do-list features customizable projects with deadlines for individual and group assignments. Monitor timely task completion and productivity on 15 common platforms.

13. Pipedrive

Travis Holt of Brush Creek Partners recommends Pipedrive as a valuable app to monitor your sales and proposal teams’ performance. Customization is simple, and its data-reporting feature is extremely robust. This easy-to-operate customer retention system allows data importing, exporting, and management.

14. DeskTime

Cody McLain of WireFuseMedia LLC uses DeskTime as an automatic real-time tracking resource. This powerful, easy-to-use tool allows managers to gauge each staffer’s work as productive, neutral, or unproductive. They can monitor each employee’s billable hours on computers and smartphones.

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