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Industry Solutions


Tech organizations compete in a global marketplace where technical skill, hard work, and creative thinking are necessary to keep up with constant change and growth. Administrative responsibilities can draw you away from developing innovative tech products and solutions, but HR outsourcing takes care of these tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

National PEO develops sophisticated solutions for tech organizations in benefits administration, human resources, and employee portals and perks.  These services allow our partner organizations like Digital Current to not only streamline their administrative responsibilities, but also find, hire, and retain the most creative, skilled talent in the tech industry.

HR Support for Tech Innovation

Tech organizations know that hiring and retaining skilled, creative employees is vital to fostering innovation and excelling in a competitive industry. We support tech organizations’ efforts to develop long-term employee relationships through high-quality benefits administration, streamlined employee management, and Hire to Retire programs.

Our specialized HR services for tech organizations include: