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Time and Attendance

Track time and attendance online

It’s time to toss out your paper time and attendance sheets and to get rid of antiquated machines. National PEO’s online employee time clock makes it simpler to track when your employees clock in and out of work.

With time and attendance tracking from National PEO, you’ll eliminate payroll processing errors, standardize your break and lunch policies, and save hours of back office work. By pairing it with our online payroll services, you’ll eliminate the hassle of manually entering punches into payroll software. National PEO tracking software is just one way that we can help your business save both time and money.

Tracking employee hours with National PEO time

National PEO Time gives you complete access to your employee and payroll information through a secure login. Within your facilities, you can set up a desktop computer that allows employees to punch in through a Web browser. That’s not all — you can also allow employees to record their time and attendance using a cellphone, biometric unit, or PDA device. Through these tools, employees can assign hours to specific department and jobs, which helps you see how you’re allocating payroll.

In the office, supervisors can approve employee hours and attendance and manage exceptions. Employee timesheets get submitted automatically and synced with our payroll administration tools, allowing you to process weekly payroll with just a few clicks. Managers can also view reports related to total payroll expenditure, payroll expenditure by department, and payroll expenditure by job. These reports will help your business identify ways to reallocate payroll to get the most value for your payroll dollars.

Efficient, streamlined operations

When you sign up for tracking with National PEO, you’ll make clocking in and out simple. You’ll also see employee punches at a glance, which will help you enforce break and lunch requirements. National PEO Time can support complex company policies and rules, including rounding policies for start/stop, lunch, and break times. It can also support an unlimited number of shifts and up to three overtime levels.
National PEO’s tracking system also helps you see how much payroll you’re allocating to specific departments. If a department isn’t contributing enough to revenue or margin, or if you need more resources in a certain department for a certain period, you can easily reassign your payroll dollars. Also, if employees are cross-trained to work in multiple departments, you can split their hours between the appropriate departments. You get maximum flexibility over how your deploy your workers while maintaining accurate payroll reporting.

A better view of your business

National PEO Time generates a variety of productivity and operational reports. You can run reports by pay period, or you can narrow them or expand them to include any selected date range. You can view reports on your device screen, and you can also print them, email them, or send them to a data file.

Individual employee issues

For some employees, insufficient hours can result in loss of full-time status and benefits. Using the reporting created by our tracking system, you can address issues related to punctuality, absenteeism, and excessive early departure. You can also show your workers how punching in late, taking extended breaks, and leaving early can affect their average hours per week.

Also, for employees who work non-traditional hours or who stay late to assist with shortages, you can set automated shift differentials for higher compensation. Your employees will have incentive to expand their availability if needed, and you can reward your most reliable workers.

Good business decisions

National PEO Time reports are about more than managing individual employee payroll. They’re about gaining perspective on where to invest your payroll dollars so that you meet your business goals. With reports from our online employee time clock and payroll administration tools, you’ll make smart, data-driven decisions. Reports can lend insights into multiple HR options, including:

Identifying Cost-Cutting

Do you ever have that vague feeling that you’re pouring money into a department and not getting much productivity in return? Our reports will help you identify areas in which your payroll expenditures aren’t creating value.

Improved Workload

Perhaps you’re bringing in too many people in the morning, when customer volume is slow, and you have too few people working in the evenings, when you have heavier workloads. Our reports will help you schedule the right number of people at the right times of day.

Creating Better
Job Estimate

When you have reliable tools for tracking employee hours and seeing how they spend their time, you’ll discover that your assumptions about how much certain jobs cost weren’t as accurate as you thought. With insights gained from National PEO Time reporting, you can offer lower estimates to clients for jobs that require less labor, and you can raise prices for jobs that require heavier payroll investment.