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PEO Services

What It Means to Have a PEO Partner on Your Side

A professional employer organization (PEO) serves as an employer of record, which allows business owners to access more competitive rates on healthcare insurance while receiving expert guidance in human resources, benefits administration, payroll processing, and risk management. A PEO establishes a co-employment arrangement where you maintain control of your organization’s operations and staff while the PEO handles the administrative tasks that take you away from strengthening and growing your business.

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Businesses who use a PEO experience:

  • 40% better revenue growth.
  • 14-16% lower turnover rates.
  • are 50% less likely to go out of business than businesses that do not use a PEO.

With approximately 500 PEOs currently serving businesses in the United States, choosing the right PEO provider can be overwhelming. That’s why we’d like to walk you through what makes National PEO different.

The Arizona PEO Leader

With over 20 years of experience, National PEO is considered a leading provider of PEO services in Arizona and many other states across the country.

A key factor that sets us apart from our competitors is the custom diagnostic we’ll conduct that reveals valuable insights about your business’s health and identifies any gaps in your processes. This is a powerful view inside your company that you won’t find anywhere else.

Also unique to us is the ability to mix and match services, meaning you can choose any number of solutions that suit your business needs. It’s a flexible approach designed to scale with your company as you grow.

From day one you’ll have a dedicated account specialist who will always be available to offer guidance and answer your questions.

Our powerful menu of administrative solutions includes:

  • Human Resource Services
    1. Customized Employee Handbook
    2. HR Policies and Procedures
    3. Government Regulatory Compliance
    4. New Hire Forms
    5. Performance ManagementPayroll and Tax Reporting
  • Payroll and Tax Reporting
    1. Local, State, and Federal Tax Reporting
    2. New Hire Reporting
    3. Year-End W-2s
    4. Direct Deposits
  • Employee Benefits
    1. Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
    2. Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
    3. Flexible Spending Account
  • Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management
    1. Safety Program Development
    2. Safety Policy and Rules
    3. Emergency Action Plan
    4. OSHA Inspection Procedures
    5. Accident Analysis
    6. Claims Investigation, Review, and Management
    7. Return to Work Program

Find out how National PEO can help your business today.