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PEO Facts

Stay in business

PEO clients grow 7 to 9 percent faster, have 10 to 14 percent lower rates of employee turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business than other comparable small businesses.

More HR services

PEOs provide access to a broader array of HR services at a cost that is almost $450 lower per employee.

Attract and retain

PEO clients are more likely to provide employer-sponsored retirement plans and other employee benefits, which helps them attract and retain their employees.

Fast growing

“The PEO industry is known as one of the fastest growing business services in the United States. Annually, the industry generates $42 billion in gross revenues.”


Value in services

“The average client company has approximately 16 worksite employees. This number is increasing however, as larger corporations are finding value in the services of a PEO.”


86% members

“Nearly 86% of companies that join a NAPEO member”

Stay over a year

“PEO, stay with the PEO for a year or more.”


Retain 89% of clients

“PEO’s retain approximately 89% of their clients from year to year, proving that businesses who use PEO services truly appreciate the benefits of the co-employment relationship.”