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Human Resources

How HR outsourcing services can benefit your business.

HR Outsourcing services are one of the many services that National PEO in Phoenix, Arizona provides to help streamline and grow your business. HR outsourcing companies and HR software can help you save money by reducing overhead costs, keep your business running smoothly, help you avoid turnover troubles, and help workers develop newer and better skill sets.

Here’s what our HR outsourcing services can accomplish for you

Our skilled, certified HR services team can provide a range of services and business solutions for you. These can include HR management software and customized services that are tailored to meet your exact requirements such as:

Employee Handbook services — ranging from a basic handbook that details company policies and guidelines to custom handbooks with varying guidelines and policies for various departments or requirements.

The client toolkit that includes all the basic items for your business such as insurance employment forms, employee change forms, and also other employee action forms such as forms for job offers, pay changes, disciplinary write-ups, terminations, and so on.

Labor law compliance guidance to help businesses comply with the hundreds of statutory rules and regulations put in place by government agencies. National PEO’s compliance audit is a strategic human resource management solution that keeps your business running without problems.

Training, development, and seminars are other areas where HR outsourcing services for small businesses can help. Our informational seminars, particularly HR Basics and Harassment Awareness have proved invaluable for our clients. In addition, we can customize training programs to target specific business and individual needs and also provide training on the form I-9.

Recruiting is one of the major HR outsourcing services that we provide because recruiting mistakes can cost businesses big. Our highly experienced human resources outsourcing team interviews professionals, performs employee reference checks, and helps to keep employee turnover and rates of attrition to a minimum. Career and employment opportunities listed on our website with regard to HR payroll and IT systems or software specialists may also be of assistance.

Employee background screening is another extremely valuable function that HR outsourcing companies can perform for clients. Services include Arizona statewide criminal search, employment verification, driving records, education verification, social security address/alias trace, professional license verification, out of state county criminal search, wants and warrants check, and various packaged services ranging from Levels One through Level Three.

Our human resources software and educational webinars can help clients get the most out of our services without logistical difficulties and limitations getting in the way.

E-verification is another service we offer for managing human resources. E-verification of worker eligibility is required by the Arizona Legal Workers Act. Failure to comply with this act could lead to a possible suspension or loss of business license. With outsourced HR, our HR team will process each existing or new employee, follow up discrepancies, audit your I-9’s and employee files, and keep you informed of regular changes to the federal and state laws concerning immigration.

Filling out a simple job description form or a help center form will give you any additional information you require about human resource software or HR shared services and will help answer specific questions you may have.

Why HR outsourcing services make sense

There is so much that online human resources solutions can help you manage: HR payroll services, for instance, can help take care of statutory deductions that you, as an employer, have to make, forms you have to fill out, taxes you have to pay, and also help with payroll integration.

Human resource management systems and HR software solutions can help you find the right person for the right job, helping save the money and hassle that hiring the wrong person inevitably entails. Most small businesses cannot afford an entire department devoted to human resource systems and that is why it makes sense to examine outsourcing services for human resources online. Our convenient online systems permit client login and employee login to streamline several processes. Our referral rewards program is something else you may want to check out.

If you have a question regarding HR outsourcing services, give us a call. Request a demo to know more about our human resources management system. We are happy to help in any way we can. Among the many customized services our skilled and certified HR team can provide, clicking on the links below will take you to a page specific to your needs. We welcome you to explore these services and contact us so we can get you well on your way to a productive and cohesive team!