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Retirement Plan Services

Retirement services from National PEO

Great employees contribute great things to your business, and they expect a good benefits package in return. As an employer, it’s important to offer attractive retirement plan services to distinguish your company from its competitors.

Whether you want to create retirement services that include 401(k)s or other types of benefits, you’ll appreciate the experience and expertise that come with National PEO’s retirement planning services. We help you set up plan options if you don’t already have them. If you already have an employee retirement plan in place, our financial advisors will manage it for you.

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Easy and affordable retirement planning options

It’s important to create great retirement plans for your employees. At the same time, you have to manage your own financial priorities. There are so many plan options, and each has a complex set of rules. Because tax laws frequently update, the rules are always changing.

National PEO’s team of financial advisors stays on top of the latest retirement planning and tax laws. We ensure that your business offers plans that are good for employees but also affordable for your company. When you work with our team, you’ll craft an employee retirement planning strategy that balances their long-term security with your company’s big picture.

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Keeping up with the competition

In the old days, employees saved for retirement by paying off their mortgages, filling up their savings accounts, and buying cash-value life insurance policies. Today, thanks to employer matching and employee stock options, many employees depend on employer retirement plans. When you provide great retirement options, you’ll retain the best and brightest workers. Because they’re counting on good performance from your company stock for their retirement, everyone has a stake in your company’s success.

Small businesses often have big visions, but they struggle to attract the best employees. It’s tough for a company that’s just getting started to offer expensive benefits packages. However, by adding a retirement plan to your options, you can help your small company compete with the best in your industry. You can attract talented people who might otherwise go somewhere else by providing outstanding benefits.

A retirement plan for the way you do business

The retirement plans that most companies offer usually depend on where they are in the business lifecycle. Whether you’re a new, growing, or mature business, we can construct the right retirement planning options for your company.


  • For brand-new small businesses. Even if you own a brand-new small business and you’re not quite profitable yet, it’s important to let your employees invest a portion of their incomes for retirement. National PEO’s financial advisors can set up a SIMPLE 401(k) with an employer match. We can also create straightforward 401(k) without an employer match and then upgrade it when your cash flow improves.
  • For growing companies. For businesses that are established and have a little more cash flow, we can set up 401(k) options with competitive employer matching. If it’s standard in your industry, you can also start offering Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans, to help your employees support themselves in retirement.
  • For mature businesses. A well-established business can afford to provide competitive retirement plans. We’ll work with you to develop a catalog of options, including boutique plans, that will help you to attract and retain top-notch employees.



How National PEO can help

Whether your company is large or small, National PEO offers multiple retirement plan options such as a 401(k) with no match, a Safe Harbor 401(k) with match, and boutique plans, including SIMPLE IRAs, designed to suit your needs. Best of all, we handle everything for you. We take you through set-up, administer all employee enrollments, maintain your plans, and offer post-retirement services.

As part of National PEO’s retirement planning services to your company, you’ll get:


  • Complete paperwork processing. Offering a retirement plan means handling a significant amount of paperwork and providing required legal documents to your employees. We deliver required documentation, including Summary Plan Descriptions, and quarterly statements for your workers. We also file your Form 5500 and provide 1099-Rs for your employees at tax time, and we assist you with non-discrimination testing.
  • Unparalleled customer service. National PEO provides employer assistance through several different venues. We have a toll-free support line, 24-hour online access, a plan administration guidebook, and complete enrollment support. When your employees have questions about their retirement plans, we’re here to offer answers.
  • Plan administration. Retirement plan services include more than just setting up saving and matching plans. We help employees by processing participant distributions, loans from retirement accounts, hardship disbursements, and plan terminations.
  • Expert setup and review services. Our financial advisors assist you every step of the way, whether you’re setting up an initial retirement plan or reviewing and upgrading your current offerings. Your company always gets the attention it deserves.