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Online pay stubs: NPower your workers

Even when you provide paper copies after every pay period, employees sometimes lose them or fail to keep them. Then, when they need their pay stubs, they ask you to research and reprint them. With NPower online payroll services from National PEO, you can provide online pay stubs for your employees. Your employees take responsibility for accessing their pay stubs, and you eliminate hours of needless back-office work.

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Advantages of letting employees access pay stubs online

A lot of the time, employees view direct-deposit pay stubs as unnecessary. They toss them in the garbage or shred them instead of filing them for later use. Then, when they need employment or income verification, usually to obtain financing for a major purchase, they come to you asking for copies of their pay stubs. You might spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more processing these requests.

Offering online pay stubs through NPower gives employees instant, secure access to their pay stubs. You no longer have to disrupt your workflow to process a time-sensitive pay stub request. Storing direct-deposit pay stubs online also eliminates unnecessary paper waste around the office. Best of all, it prevents sensitive employee information from falling into the wrong hands.

Some of the biggest benefits include:


  • When they can access pay stubs online, employees can get their pay stub information day or night, whenever they need it. Whether it’s 1 p.m. or 1 a.m., employees can print or view their pay stubs at their convenience.
  • Self-service. By using National PEO to offer easily accessible stubs, you can refer employees to the Web to address time-sensitive requests. Your office workers no longer have to answer calls to the office to find out net pay, and they no longer have to set appointments so that employees can come into the office to pick up their pay stubs.
  • Information at a glance. In addition to reviewing their current pay stubs, employees can use NPower to view previous pay stubs, paid time off balances, 401k holdings, benefits information, and more.
  • Online pay stubs help to keep employee pay information confidential. Employees can only access their own information through a secure login, and they’re unable to pick up a stray pay stub and find out sensitive information about other employees’ wages.
  • Better communication. With NPower, you can send messages to all employees who can access the system. Announce upcoming meetings, changes in benefit plans, and other HR-related news.


Online pay stubs from NPower cost nothing when you enroll in National PEO’s online payroll services. Administer payroll online, offer multiple methods of payment for your employees, and submit payroll from anywhere using the Web, email, or telephone.

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An eco-friendly solution to paper waste

By eliminating paper pay stubs for direct deposit, you’re doing more than just saving money; you’re setting an eco-friendly example to your employees. In fact, many employers transition to online services as part of an office-wide “Go Green” initiative. Without paper pay stubs or payroll reports to fax or send through the mail, every employee can do his or her part to help protect our planet. That’s an initiative that everyone in the company can easily support.

How to get pay stubs online

To retrieve their pay stubs, your employees simply register for the service by visiting the National PEO website. When they want to retrieve their information, they login to the National PEO portal using a secure, unique username and password. Employees can only edit selected information, such as a change of address, so your records remain safe. However, if they notice a discrepancy, such as a payroll tax withholding change they need to make, employees can print their records, bring them to you, and resolve problems before they become significant.

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Our online payroll services give you maximum flexibility to personalize the way you run your business. As the employer, you decide which information should be self-service and which information warrants additional dialogue.


Get started with NPower

To start using online payroll services from National PEO, request a quote today. Business rates vary based on size and the number of employees, so we’re happy to provide you with a personalized quote. When you call, we’ll also help you identify ways that our services can save both time and money for your employees.

If you’re already enrolled in our online services but want to add NPower to your package, contact your HR representative today to sign up today. Let your employees take charge of their own pay and benefits information.