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ASO Services

ASO services: flexible HR for your small business.

When you own a small business, it’s hard to find the time for back-office work. As a nationwide Administrative Services Organization (ASO), National PEO helps small businesses handle human resources, payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, and recruiting. Utilizing our ASO service frees up your time to do what you do best: Run your business.

How our ASO services work

When you see the name “National PEO,” you probably think of a professional employer organization. A PEO takes over your human resources functions and becomes a co-employer with your business. Although we do offer PEO services, National PEO also provides nationwide ASO services. They deliver the convenience of PEO services while giving you the flexibility to pay only for what you need.

As your administrative services provider, National PEO doesn’t become a co-employer for your workers. For example, we don’t sponsor your employee benefit program or provide workers’ compensation coverage. An ASO relationship lets you outsource routine tasks while maintaining control over what matters most. With ASO services from National PEO, you’ll get:

When you sign up for ASO services, you can bundle services together or outsource your tasks á la carte. You can choose as many or as few of our options as you want, and you can add or delete services as your business needs change.

Administrative services management: what we can do for you

Think about how much time you could save by outsourcing your administrative services. No more hours spent processing payroll, filling out onboarding paperwork, or dealing with the hassle of workers’ comp administration. With an ASO, you can outsource all of your back office tasks or just a few depending on your requirements. Our ASO service provides expertise, speed, and precision for only a percentage of what you’d pay to hire additional office staff.

Payroll Services

Our payroll experts can administer your payroll and file your company’s payroll taxes in accordance with state and federal law. We make it easy to submit your payroll online, via email, by fax, in person, or over the phone. Also, we offer multiple options for paying your employees, including checks, direct deposit, and PayCard accounts.

Benefits Administration

Without taking over your benefits program, National PEO helps you find coverage and assists your employees with insurance enrollment. We help your employees get the most from their insurance plan, and we demystify health insurance jargon. Also, we administer paid time off, pension plans, 401ks, and other benefits that you provide so that your workforce stays happy and healthy.

Human Resources

National PEO’s HR experts can provide employee background screening, e-verification for I-9s, and other onboarding services. Instead of filling out new employee paperwork, you can concentrate on training and helping new hires adjust to the workplace. We can also create an employee handbook, provide HR forms, and audit your HR functions for labor law compliance. If you need help with employee development, including harassment awareness seminars, we can set up and conduct training for your workers.

Worker‘s Compensation

With our ASO services, you’ll never have to worry about keep up with workers’ comp premium payments. We also manage renewals so that you experience no gaps in coverage. We’ll administer any claims related to worker injuries, working with employees, insurers, and medical professionals. In addition, we’ll provide safety audits and safety training when needed.


When you let National PEO handle your recruiting, we advertise your open positions, interview prospective candidates, and conduct all reference checks. We ensure that all new employee files contain I-9s and other essential paperwork, keeping your business in compliance with labor laws. National PEO makes the hiring process seamless and trouble-free, giving your small business the professionalism of a large corporate HR department.