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Training, Development and Seminars

HR training services and development: keeping your HR team up-to-date.

Many small businesses can’t afford their own separate HR teams, so they have to seek out their own HR training and development. They rely on their managers not only to coordinate operations but also to assist with hiring, performance management, benefits, labor law compliance, and more. It’s tough to stay on top of the latest HR regulations and best practices. To help small businesses tackle these challenges, National PEO offers human resources training seminars. Our business training seminars cover I-9 compliance and other critical compliance issues.

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Human training services: helping small business avoid common mistakes.

Small businesses often make avoidable HR mistakes that cost them in terms of poor hiring, poor performance, and non-compliance with labor laws. Proper HR training and development can help you avoid these common errors:


  • Hiring the wrong person. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hiring decision is the equivalent of 30 percent of the person’s first-year earnings. Additionally, according to data from Robert Half, 41 percent of hiring managers and HR professionals estimate the cost of a bad hire in the thousands of dollars.
  • Developing unclear job descriptions. A clear job description offers a powerful tool for matching the right person to the right position. Vague descriptions make both performance management and recruiting unnecessarily difficult.
  • Failing to manage performance. When employers manage performance in a timely and assertive fashion, they can improve retention and avoid unnecessary separations. It costs as much as one-fifth of an employee’s annual salary to replace an underperforming worker, and adequate performance management can keep small issues from turning into separations.
  • Ignoring employment laws. Failing to understand laws related to discrimination, overtime, minimum wage, family leave, military leave, disability, workplace safety, and immigration can have significant consequences for small businesses.
  • Classifying workers incorrectly. Incorrectly classifying workers as part time, full time, contract, temporary, or seasonal, can have significant repercussions related to taxation and benefits.


Training seminars

To help small businesses avoid common HR training and development errors, National PEOs HR training services provides a series of business development seminars, including:

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HR Basics

As one of our most popular human resources training seminars, this program will train your management and front-line supervisors on the most important HR do’s and don’ts. With instruction on important subjects ranging from overtime to how to properly document write ups, this course will teach your supervisory staff to think like HR pros.

Harassment Awareness

National PEO offers comprehensive HR training and development related to sexual harassment. Our workshops help clients increase awareness of incidents that could constitute sexual harassment in the workplace. The course also provides tools and information to help small businesses avoid liability related to harassment claims.

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1-9 Compliance Training

Proper completion and retention of I-9 forms is crucial to prevent serious fines and penalties. Employers who knowingly hire and continue to employ ineligible workers can face fines between $375 and $16,000 per violation. Learn how to complete I-9s for new employees and how to retain forms for current and former employees according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement regulations.

Customized Training Programs

The National PEO HR team can develop a customized training and development program for your company’s needs. Talk to us about the types of training you need, and we can develop personalized training and assessment programs to ensure full compliance with both HR best practices and labor laws.

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Benefits of training

When you sign up for National PEOs HR training and development, you’ll ensure that you have the latest information about today’s most pressing HR issues, including issues of discrimination related to race, age, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. You’ll learn about labor laws affecting your HR decisions, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and Title VII.

Complying with these laws and with HR regulations isn’t just about avoiding lawsuits. It’s about maintaining a stable, welcoming, and non-hostile work environment for your employees. It’s about ensuring that your company doesn’t condone practices that could exclude protected classes. HR training and development ensures that your managers treat employees fairly, equitably, and justly under the law. It protects you from litigation, but it also helps you construct a safe, productive, and drama-free working environment.


Sign up for business training seminars from National PEO

Call us or fill out our Web form to receive a quote for our HR training and seminars. We offer both onsite and offsite training to help your employees navigate today’s HR landscape. Don’t let a lack of knowledge expose you to significant liability related to labor law violations. Learn how to stay compliant with labor laws, along with how to get the most from your workforce by signing up for a National PEO human resources training program today.