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Safety Compliance and Audits

National safety compliance: safety audits and office safety.

The law requires business owners to ensure national safety compliance for their workplaces their employees. However, office safety is about much more than remaining compliant with the law. Safety audits and everyday actions that prioritize safety keep your workers productive and able-bodied. For National PEO, a safe and healthy workplace is always Priority Number One.

Safety signs and safety compliance

Safety compliance is about more than putting up the right safety signs in your break room. It means ensuring that your workers have the safest working environment possible. Workers who suffer a disabling on-the-job injury can lose as much as 40 percent of their incomes over the five years following the injury. Overall, worker injury and illness costs American businesses as much as $60 billion each year in lost productivity. Companies also spend as much as $170 billion each year paying for occupational illnesses and injuries.

By order of the OSHA Act of 1970, all employers “shall provide a safe and healthful place of employment for employees free of known hazards which are known to or may cause injury, illness, or death.” These laws aren’t in place to be cumbersome; they’re in place to protect the health and lives of American workers. Safety compliance has improved significantly since the U.S. government implemented OSHA regulations, and OSHA has a goal of working with American companies to cut lost production by at least two percent per year. Here are a few statistics demonstrating how OSHA compliance has benefited American businesses:

National PEO offers safety training for management and line personnel to keep them working in a safe and healthy manner. Our training also helps to reduce the possibility of injury or illness in the workplace. In addition to national safety compliance training, we also offer safety inspections and audits to keep you compliant with OSHA standards. Safety audits for OSHA compliance reduce the possibility of costly citations and fines. We’re here to keep you compliant while also ensuring that you have a safe and healthy workplace.

Safety audits

Our safety compliance management services include an exhaustive review of your workplace. We start by assessing how your workplace conforms to national safety compliance standards. We review not only the conditions onsite but also all of your OSHA-related documentation and recordkeeping. Then, we help you create a plan to improve both work floor and office safety. With our guidance, you can bring your business into OSHA compliance and create a safer environment for your employees.

Safety training

In addition to offering safety audits, National PEO conducts a wide-range of safety compliance courses to help your workers learn safety procedures. Our classes educate your workers about safety, and they enable you to document your efforts to offer approved safety training. These precautions can benefit you significantly if you face litigation or other challenges related to worker injury.
In addition to teaching OSHA’s 10-hour and 30-hour courses related to general industry and construction safety, we provide courses in operating industrial equipment, including forklifts, respirators, ladders, and fire protection equipment. Additionally, we train workers on national safety compliance issues related to first aid, CPR, defibrillator usage, bloodborne pathogens, eye safety, and hearing conservation.

Getting started

Contact National PEO today to get started with your own national safety compliance program. In addition to our audits and training, we offer full-service workers comp policy administration and injury claim management and processing. With our help, you can ensure a safe workplace, and you can delegate your worker’s compensation program to experienced professionals. You can stop worrying about processing claims, following up with insurers and doctors, and making incorrect statements to your workers regarding their worker’s compensation claims.

If you can’t afford to hire a full-time HR department, let National PEO do the work for you. In addition to taking care of worker’s compensation and safety, National PEO also helps small businesses manage their payroll and other HR activities. Let us take care of employee paperwork management, recruiting, labor law compliance, background checks, and applicant tracking. When you leave the office work to us, you can dedicate more time to running your company.

Don’t leave your OSHA office safety documentation sitting in a binder growing incomplete and out of date. Also, don’t overlook simple safety issues that could cause your workers to become hurt or ill. To get started with National PEO’s safety audits and safety compliance services, call or contact us today. We can provide a quote that includes cost information related to safety audits and training.