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applicanttracking1Do you realize that your new venture’s most valuable asset is your staff? If you are wasting time manually sifting through hundreds of resumes to find the most qualified applicants, modernizing will provide numerous advantages. An effective applicant tracking system (ATS) that monitors candidates can help your new firm secure coveted employees from the start. Getting onboard early will simplify and improve your talent expansion as you grow.

Small to huge businesses have embraced this handy hiring method to streamline their workforce acquisition processes. It has become affordable, thanks to today’s Internet, data analytics, social media, and other technological advancements. By partnering with HiringThing, National PEO offers an easy-to-navigate yet comprehensive application management system that will upgrade and fast forward your recruiting. Check out this software’s main advantages.

Locating Suitable Personnel

A typical candidate tracking platform offers features like:

  • Easy position postings on job boards and social networking sites
  • Application/resume screening, grading, and ranking
  • Convenient dashboard showcasing openings and candidates
  • Automatic job seeker message generation and tracking
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) conformity and monitoring
  • Integrated personality assessments and background checks

Activating Filtering and Screening

Are you taking too long to peruse stacks of resumes without any convenient quality measures? Do you wish you could curtail that tedious undertaking? A candidate management system will tighten your recruiting workflow by sifting and classifying contenders quickly so you avoid resume overload.

After the software scans all applications and customized questionnaires, scoring mode filters out non-starters. The screening process pulls all available data from the ATS and social networks on all potential new hires. It builds virtual resumes with more extensive overviews of prospective employees. Finally, it selects the most qualified talent for any specific position, so you have a much smaller pool to consider.

Conserving Time and Money

Time-intensive internal recruiting stages encompass choosing resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, confirming references, and handling background checks. During the initial phase, just skimming a high quantity of resumes would be very time consuming. Scrutinizing each application carefully could tie up a whole week per job when many other pressing responsibilities need your attention.

Recruiting and staffing costs can add up quickly. Over the last few years, filling an entry-level position has an average cost of $5,700 to $8,900. That range includes expenses like college recruiting, travel, and relocation. Calculate your cost per hire online with breakdowns by:

  • Advertising expenditures
  • Agency fees
  • Staff referral overhead
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Relocation amounts
  • Administrative costs

applicanttracking2Luckily, a candidate management program is a very helpful tool during the application examination and sorting steps. By eliminating a sizable portion of your preliminary screening functions, this human resource (HR) automation package singles out the most appropriate contenders per position. That will save more than enough time and money to offset your software investment. It also will free up the valuable hours and funds necessary to establish and oversee your business.

Expediting External and Internal Communications

Rather than multiple personnel contacting hopefuls, your ATS can handle candidate communications efficiently. One user-friendly dashboard makes scheduling interviews and sharing forms easy. Bosses can access resumes, rank candidates, make recommendations, and correspond with each other and you. Stop trying to locate managers for interview recaps. Just log into the program and read their interview notes instead.

Assuring Compliance Obligations

If government laws and/or industry regulations require your firm to keep recruiting logs with data on every applicant, a job seeker monitoring platform will simplify that laborious task. It will track all necessary details and then generate any required reports.

Avoiding Legal Action

A helpful tracking system pre-screens resumes according to explicit job qualifications, making human bias impossible. That helps you control hiring discrimination. Should any candidate lodge a complaint, you can verify that your ATS filtered him out on inadequate credentials alone.

Building a Talent Database over Time

The key to success for every company involves hiring and retaining an impressive team. Whenever you are trying to fill new or current positions, you will have immediate access to quality resumes that your monitoring system has collected from all previous recruiting efforts.

Just search your cumulative internal database of qualified applicants you did not select to find those who might be right for other jobs. That can reduce your future hiring time significantly, increasing productivity while decreasing costs. In addition to streamlining your business automatically, converting to an ATS can enable tremendous growth so you can realize your vision.

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