Excavation Safety

Excavation Safety Length 60 minutes Assessment Quiz Under the OSHA standard CFR 1926 Subpart P, all employees must receive OSHA compliance training for working in and around construction excavation sites. As part of their training, they should learn how to identify hazards within in and around excavations. The course covers general safety requirements, soil classification,…

Scaffold Training

Scaffold Training Length 60 minutes Materials PowerPoint presentation, safety video OSHA’s Scaffold Training course covers the safety aspects of scaffolding and OSHA standard CFR 1910.28. Employees learn about the installation and dismantling of supported scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, and aerial lifts.

Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety Length 30 minutes Materials PowerPoint, safety video Assessment Quiz Employees who use ladders in the workplace should take this OSHA compliance safety course, which covers OSHA standards CFR 1910.25 thru 1910.27. Because most employees also use ladders in or near their homes, this course might prove beneficial to all employees.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Length 30 minutes Materials PowerPoint presentation, safety video Assessment Quiz This electrical safety training course covers OSHA standards CFR 1910.331 thru 1910.335. It delivers employee safety training for working in the presence of electricity, especially related to hand tools, ladders, lighting, and other equipment.

Respirator Training

Respirator Training Length 90 minutes of instruction plus 10 minutes of fit testing Materials PowerPoint presentation, training video, hands-on training Assessment Quiz; employees must also receive medical approval to wear a respirator OSHA standard CFR1910.134 mandates respirator training for employees who wear dust masks with valves, full and half-face respirators, and SCBAs. Before employees can…