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An important part of any business, whether it’s large or small, and whatever industry it’s in, is hiring. For a successful company to grow and to continue to be competitive, it takes the right team of people who know how to work together toward a common goal. It takes seeking out and recruiting knowledgeable, talented, and hardworking people who want to be successful not only in their own professional life, but who also want to see the company they work for be successful. That doesn’t sound too hard, right? Well, with an unorganized, inefficient, and time-consuming interview process, it definitely can be. And that’s why National PEO wants to provide you with exceptional HR outsourcing services. We can take over your current interview process and ensure that each step of the process is done thoroughly and efficiently. With our PEO and ASO services, you can spend your time ensuring that your company will be successful with the team of people we recruit, interview, and hire. So how do we streamline the interview process?

HR Outsourcing Services ScottsdaleInvolve Team Leaders

As an HR outsourcing service, we understand the importance of hiring people who are right for your company’s goals, culture, and standards of professionalism. When you hire people who fit your company’s culture, they are more likely to be there long-term. This saves time and money from having to train and eventually go through the interview and training process again when an employee, or your company, realizes that it isn’t a good fit. While National PEO hasn’t been with your company since the beginning, we value and want to utilize what has already been established. We want to incorporate your leaders and managers who know the company inside and out and learn what matters most to them. With this knowledge, we can begin the process of finding employees who will be with you long term to see your company succeed.

Define Roles

You wouldn’t buy a car before you knew what purpose the car needed to serve, right? Well, we wouldn’t want to interview and hire a candidate before we knew what role they needed to fill in your company. Before you even begin advertising an open position, you want to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for that position. But don’t get too excited when you have this step completed, there’s still one more thing that our HR outsourcing services can help with before you are able to start looking and interviewing people who are qualified to fill a role.

Write Better Job Descriptions

We’ll continue with the car analogy: when you’re shopping around for a vehicle, you might want to know what gas mileage it gets, how many people can it hold, and what the lifespan of the make and model are. If there was a piece of information that was missing, you probably wouldn’t buy the car. When writing a job description, keep in mind the type of role and responsibilities that go into the position. This will better inform anyone who reads it and you’re more likely to get applications that are a better fit. Try to be specific and even unique! A job description that reflects your company’s culture will help a candidate feel excited about the position. If you want a professional team to ensure that your job descriptions are flawless, reach out to our HR outsourcing service and we’ll be glad to take this step off your plate.

HR Outsourcing Services ScottsdaleMake Cuts

When you do reach the point where you are interviewing candidates, a crucial step is making cuts. Create a list of parameters and stick to it. When a candidate doesn’t reach your minimum qualifications, thank them for their interest and move on. The more cuts you make throughout the process, the less time you will be spending down the road on more thorough interviews.

Remain Objective

There will always be candidates who may have a more personal connection to the hiring managers. This can be a positive factor regarding fitting into the culture of the company, but when it comes time to looking specifically at their qualifications and talent, there should be an objective viewpoint on all of the candidates who interview for a position. When there are any subjective feelings toward a candidate, the process could become unfair and potentially lead to a wrong hiring decision.

Make the Offer

The interview process doesn’t end when you decide to make an offer. The potential employee is quite possibly considering other offers and making an assumption about them accepting yours could be a mistake that costs you a great employee. When you do make an official offer, be sure to send a thorough letter that explains what salary you’re offering and any other perks that the position or company has to offer.

There are several steps during the interview process that can cause the process to lag, stop completely, or when not done correctly, can cause you to need to start the process over entirely. With the help of an experienced HR outsourcing service, you can have a team of professionals who are thorough and detailed to ensure that you hire employees that will help your company succeed.

Get in touch with National PEO today for help writing job descriptions, recruiting, interviewing, and so much more.

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