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Employee recruitment services: building a great team.

Mistakes in employee recruiting are some of the most expensive errors a business can make. Studies have shown that the cost of hiring the wrong employee can equal up to three times the yearly salary for the position itself. Take your employee recruitment to the next level by working with National PEO. Our PEO recruitment services will make your small business more competitive in today’s marketplace.

Recruiting employees: why you have to get it right

Recruiting employees: why you have to get it right A bad hire inevitably becomes a costly business expense. When businesses hire someone who doesn’t work out, they have to make time for recruiting employees, re-advertising the position, interviewing other people, and training a suitable replacement.

In addition to finding someone new, everyone in the company faces a loss in productivity when businesses bring in a bad hire. Employers also deal with an increase in unemployment insurance costs after separating the employee who wasn’t a good fit.

Furthermore, these expenses don’t even take into account the time and money — and the crushing stress — that comes with performance managing a bad hire out of the company. Getting the right people into the right positions is one of the smartest commitments any business can make. In fact, the right people form the heart and soul of any business operation.

Imagine a company full of better workers

Your employees make the difference between succeeding or failing in business. Working with a human resource professional who is proficient in recruitment services will improve the employee recruiting process by targeting honest and reliable workers for your business. When you have a great staff, everyone benefits. Imagine a workday filled with:

Better Customer

When you work with professional recruitment services, your business is staffed by employees who want to be there. They take pride in delivering for your customers. In fact, they consider it a badge of honor to resolve customer problems the first time. When you have great employees, they make your customers want to return again and again.


Instead of pushing their own agendas, your staff pulls together to make things happen. Morale improves, people get credit for great ideas, and synergy makes your business more than the sum of its parts.

Lower Rates of

Imagine going through your day with fewer callouts and unexplained absences. When you create a schedule, you’ll know that you can rely on your employees.

Less Employee

Your new hires are matched with the right position for their skill sets, and they thrive while working in your company. Instead of constantly losing employees and having to train new hires, you have a crew that knows your business inside and out.

Work Ethic

Instead of dealing with people who just want to collect a paycheck, you have a staff that believes in your company mission. They work as though they own a piece of your business. They go the extra mile to make the company successful.

Talent for your

Instead of just hiring an employee for an available position, recruitment service companies hire with succession planning in mind. National PEO helps you find employees that execute today’s jobs but also possess the skills to move up in your company.

How recruitment services can help

National PEO delivers professional recruitment services to businesses of all sizes. We advertise the job, find great candidates, and help them transition into the company. When you let us take over your recruiting operations, we’ll find the best available people to help your business grow. Our services include:

Getting past your hesitations about recruitment services

Many business owners hesitate to outsource recruiting and other HR functions. Employers worry that the cost of professional employee recruiting could exhaust profit margins that are already too thin.

In reality, many businesses quickly recover the original investment that they make when they outsource recruiting operations.

They stop losing a great deal of money due to mishandling of HR issues, and they save a significant amount of money by retaining talented, dependable employees.

By turning over employee recruiting to National PEO, you’ll get help handling all applications, skill appraisals, interviews, and reference checks. Our recruitment services find the best available candidates. Then, they make the ultimate recommendation to your managers after a thorough vetting process.

The HR professionals at National PEO work with your managers to improve overall employee selection and to enhance workforce quality. Their efforts will lower your turnover rates to the bare minimum, letting you focus on growth instead of on training and retraining employees for the same positions.

Getting started

If you’re ready to turn over recruiting to National PEO’s experienced staff, request a quote either by calling us or by filling out our online form. Once we get an idea of your staffing needs, we can let you know how an investment in recruitment services will ultimately save you money.

National PEO works with your company in either a PEO or ASO relationship, and each arrangement has different benefits for your company:

PEO. If you hire us as a professional employer organization, National PEO takes all of your human resources functions, including recruiting, off of your plate. We become co-employers, taking care of your human resources while you maintain control over all other operational functions. PEO recruiting relationships mean that we do more work for your organization. They also minimize your risk and create a deeper, more meaningful partnership.

ASO. In an administrative services organization relationship, you maintain control over hiring and other HR functions. In addition to maintaining control, you also retain an element of risk. If this suits you, we can provide support and assistance with many routine tasks. It means less time spent on back-office paperwork and more time devoted to running your company.