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Policy Administration

Workers’ compensation administration: accurate and compliant.

Your employees deserve the best possible care when they file work compensation claims. Unfortunately, both their claims and the procedures required to comply with your policy can become complex and confusing very quickly. When you turn over administration of workers’ compensation to National PEO, you’re hiring a third-party manager who can cut through the red tape, process paperwork on time, and ensure that your workers receive the treatment they need.

Your compensation policy: creating a positive work comp experience

Many injured employees have a negative workers’ compensation experience. They often feel that employers hold up their paperwork, try to cut corners on care, or prevent them from returning to work. In truth, most employers do care about injured employees, and they want to handle work compensation properly. However, because they lack time and expertise, they end up creating a negative experience for their workers. Because workers don’t feel like their employers care, they decide not to return to work. You end up having to hire and train new workers, and you lose valued members of your team.

The cost of replacing an employee who makes $50,000 per year or less, according to the Center for American Progress, is 20 percent of that worker’s annual salary. That’s why the ultimate goal should be to get injured employees back to work. Professional policy administration saves your business money, but it also means seamless paperwork processing, timely answers about insurance and treatment, and fast response to your injured workers’ concerns. You save money by doing the right thing: showing your workers that you care.

What we do

If you don’t currently have a workers’ compensation policy, National PEO will acquire a policy for you. We can also review an existing policy and help you shop around for better coverage. If you’re satisfied with your current policy, we cantake over the administrative tasks. We handle everything throughout the process, including:


Injury Claim

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Premium Payments

Certificates of

Policy Renewal

End-of-year Premium

From quote to policy renewal, our administration team properly manages your policy from day one. We work hard to differentiate ourselves from other third-party administrators by providing:

Compensation policy administration and more

The best way to keep work compensation costs low is to prevent injuries from happening. In addition to handling your policy and procedures, National PEO offers safety training classes and safety audits. When you turn your workers’ compensation administration over to us, let us also help out by handling safety inspections, documentation audits, and risk abatement for your company.

Regular safety audits keep you compliant with OSHA, state, and local guidelines for worker safety. In addition to shielding you from liability, they make your company a better place to work. Safety training classes ensure that your workers know how to keep themselves and each other safe in your plant. From vision and hearing protection training to full-length OSHA training courses, National PEO has your training needs covered.

Investing in prevention might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it helps your business save money over the long term. You’ll experience fewer workplace safety issues, and your employees will file fewer claims. Also, you’ll avoid OSHA penalties, benefit from higher worker productivity, and keep long-term payroll costs lower. National PEO doesn’t just protect you from current safety violations. We keep up with changes to federal, state, and local labor laws. We want to help you protect both your workers and your company’s financial future.