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Employers who are OSHA compliant with low injury rates, good safety record, etc., really shouldn’t have much to fear when an OSHA compliance inspector comes knocking in the future.

However, if you are an employer who has been rolling the dice with your employee’s safety and have basically ignored the OSHA standards for the last 39 years you will have plenty to worry about in the future. The U.S. Department of Labor is basically putting the employers on notice that fail to provide for the safety of employees under the OSHA Act of 1970 that the learning curve is over and ignorance of the law will cost dearly.

A lot of people say the inspections and penalties are just another way the government raises money. Actually it is not a money issue. The basic issue during a compliance inspection comes down to the following basic question. Is the employer providing a safe and healthful work environment free of recognized hazards which may cause injury, illness or death?

Go to the attached link to read the full article on what employers can expect from OSHA next year.   OSHA Getting Sharper Teeth

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