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Online Payroll Submission

How an online payroll submission system can simplify your business.

National PEO’s online payroll services can simplify your business in several ways — not only does it handle most of the tedious payroll and tax-related work for you, it offers complete access to your employee and payroll information at any time. Designed with the user in mind, our state of the art payroll online services allow you to make changes, view payroll and employee data, and submit your payroll all through a secure login.

How does an online payroll service work?

Online payroll companies let you import your payroll data directly into a system by transferring it or entering the data manually. You, or an accountant authorized by you, gets a payroll report as per your choice — the report can be customized as required. Take advantage of popular accounting software that is easy to use and can help to save time, simplifying the process of doing payroll.

Doing your payroll online also means that employers, as well as employees, can have access to their payroll. Employers can choose to give workers limited, or more, access to their payroll information, check stubs, and so on, so you have to spend less time answering questions and giving clarifications.

Features of online payroll services from National PEO

Managers in today’s companies work anywhere and everywhere. That’s why you need a range of options for submitting your payroll. National PEO clients have the flexibility of choosing from among several convenient payroll services input methods. No matter where you are or when you need to run your payroll, we have a solution for you. Your options include:

New Hire Submission

Online payroll software lets you add details about anyone who is newly hired or any other changes made to your workforce.

Benefits Information including Benefit Reports

Business online payroll gives you easy and instant access to reports from anywhere, you don’t have to be in the office to be able to do this.

Active Employee Lists

You can view up to date employee lists at any time. This can be useful for a small business online payroll, as well, so our clients can keep track of all the people that work for the organization.

Terminations and Pay Rate Changes

Doing your payroll online means that any terminations made or pay rate changes effected are up to date and unambiguous.

Previous Check Stubs and Year-to-Date Information

This information provided by payroll services online can be especially useful for employees who can be given limited access to check stubs, W-2s, and their personal and payroll information.
A separate employee self-service login feature offered by our payroll online service gives you this convenience so that managers fruitfully utilize their time.

24/7 Access to Reports and Employee Information

One of the best online payroll service benefits is the fact that access to employee and other information is not restricted to office hours. Also, employers and managers can authorize their employees to have as much or as little access to the payroll as required.

Multiple Security Levels

Clients who are worried about issues of security, can rest assured that online payroll companies are able to provide multiple security levels for their payroll and other sensitive data so that there is no risk of unauthorized access.

Update Information Easily

Payroll services online for small business give clients the ability to update employee information easily and without the hassle or laborious paperwork.

The payroll online service center - for clients and employees

Our online payroll service benefits clients with features such as automated timesheet submittal, job costing and tracking, HR policy enforcement, easy attendance tracking, and even clock-in and clock-out capabilities. Supervisor time approval and edits, multiple data collection capabilities, and strategic online reporting are more benefits of our online payroll company clients will have available.

Online payroll services ­can be advantageous for small businesses which have fewer resources to devote to matters such as workers’ compensation insurance, attendant issues such as policy and injury administration, safety compliance & audits, and safety training classes. Our online business payroll service also offers a complete suite of benefit services including selection and enrollment, payroll deductions, vendor payment, and also annual renewals and ongoing customer service with claims support. All of these services are provided by a dedicated team of experts.

Stay on top of things

With the help of a payroll online service, our clients have access to a lot of up to date, accurate, and authentic information including tax forms, hire packets, and more. In our resource center, you will also find links to various federal and state agencies to simplify your search. On our blog and elsewhere on the website you will find useful articles from experts on our own staff as well as industry contributors.