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Meetings, meetings and more meetings!  These days employees are spending too much time in meetings!

National PEO’s HR team follows a meeting plan each week and we have found it to be successful and productive.  If you don’t believe that you and your staff are getting the most out of meetings, one or more of the following tips:

Set an agenda.  An agenda will keep you on track and serve as a list of all of the items to be discussed.

Time the meeting.  Meetings that seem to be fueled by the energizer bunny are agonizing.  Keep your meetings as brief as possible.  If a meeting goes over the established time limit, consider scheduling a part two.  Keeping on schedule shows that you are respectful to participants.

Solicit feedback from your participants.  Participants will be more likely to stay awake during the meeting if they know that they will have a turn at the plate.  Remember that you are controlling the meeting!  Remind participants that feedback needs to be relevant to the subject matter.  If participants trail off, redirect the discussion.

Following these simple tips can ensure that you and your staff are efficient and productive and ready to go to the next meeting!

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