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Everyday, and now more than ever, companies are forced to terminate valuable employees due to no fault of their own, but because of the economic downturn experienced by today’s business owners.  The current state of our economy has resulted in higher unemployment rates, which have an adverse effect on businesses.  In July 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the unemployment rate at 5.7 percent—and rising!  As a result, 8.8 million Americans have found themselves  filing for unemployment benefits.

If you are in a position to make changes to your workforce, please remember that any kind of termination falls in the scope of Human Resources functionality – not only involuntary terminations that will likely turn ugly!  NPEO would like to offer assistance in the event employees lose their employment due to no fault of their own, such as in the event of a lay off.  If your business is forced to terminate employees, contact NPEO Human Resources and we will conduct an informal screening of the out-placed employee.  If the employee comes recommended by you, NPEO will work as an intermediate to assist in re-employing your employee through temp or long term assignments.  National PEO has successfully teamed up with Kelly Services in an effort to re-employ displaced workers in various industries throughout the valley.

As with any business, National PEO carefully manages our finances, but as unemployment goes up, alternatives must be sought.  Unemployment Insurance costs are running at record highs so please, help us help you!  With each termination, please send us all appropriate documentation along with a completed termination form, so we may respond to claims accordingly.  As a matter of practice, we contest all claims, unless the claimant lost their position due to no fault of their own, in which case, please help by connecting your employee to National PEO and Kelly Services.

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