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Are you following all labor law compliance?

There are hundreds of federal and state labor regulations your business must follow in order to stay compliant and protect your employees. Keeping up with all the latest amendments to labor laws is essential to avoid fines and lawsuits. Is your business up-to-date?

National PEO helps you stay protected so you can provide a worry-free, safe and compliant business environment for your employees. Our team of HR experts will conduct a labor law audit to identify areas where you’re lacking, so you can fix problems and implement standards that safeguard your business and employees.

National PEO makes it simple and easy to create safe work surroundings. We have the most comprehensive knowledge on all the latest labor laws, so you can continues to operate legally. Don’t run the risk of putting your employees in danger or making yourself vulnerable to costly lawsuits. Avoid negligence and stay compliant with a labor laws audit from National PEO.

Common federal labor law violations

Fair Wages

Employment Authorization

Employee Age

Family And Medical Leave

Workplace Safety

Employee Benefits

Workers' Compensation Violations

Industry-Specific Guidelines

How we can help

We will conduct a stringent labor law compliance audit of your company to identify potential violations. The audit is part of our continued commitment to keeping your business running without a hitch.

Once we’ve identified potential violations, we’ll help you to prioritize them and to address them in a cost-effective way.

Whether this means changing your policies, your procedures, or your property, we'll help you find ways to avoid violations while keeping costs down.


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