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Labor Law Compliance

Labor Law Compliance

Labor law compliance isn’t just about avoiding fines. It’s about maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all of your employees, and it’s about giving fair treatment to your workers. Federal labor law compliance, along with keeping up with local and state regulations, helps you to build a sustainable, long-lasting business.

National PEO keeps up with all of the latest labor law changes. We provide comprehensive audits that help companies of all sizes see where they’ve fallen short. A periodic labor law compliance audit keeps non-compliance from wrecking your company’s future. After we locate areas of risk, we’ll help you to implement necessary changes. You can stop worrying that you’re not in compliance with labor and employment law.

Who needs a labor law audit?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to set up your labor law compliance audit:

There are hundreds of regulations a business must follow to stay compliant with the labor laws set by the federal and state labor agencies. So how do you know if you’re compliant?

It’s simpler than you think.

Start by setting up an initial labor law compliance audit. Then, repeat the process periodically to make sure that you haven’t missed changes in labor laws.

Common federal labor law violations

National PEO encounters all kinds of labor law compliance issues during our audits. However, these are some of the most common ways in which employers violate federal labor laws:

Fair Wages

Failure to pay minimum wage or to offer sufficient overtime pay to hourly employees violates state and federal labor standards.

Employment Authorization

Many employers fail to obtain I-9s from their employees, or they try to employ those not authorized to work in this country off the books or under the table. Our audits help you to ensure that you have all of your employment authorization paperwork in place.

Employee Age

Many states have regulations for employees under 18, including what hours of the day that you can schedule them. Employers are often unsure of those laws, and they schedule their underage employees at the wrong times of day.

Family and Medical Leave

Some employers don’t know how to apply the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). They’re unsure of whether leave is paid or unpaid, how long FMLA-related leave can last, and what their obligations are after employee leave has ended.

Workplace Safety

Although no employer can anticipate every risk, they must make a serious effort to address known hazards.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefit plans, including retirement plans, have to follow specific rules. Many employers fail to provide their workers with required benefit plan documentation.

Workers’ Compensation Violations

Many employers don’t know how to manage a workers’ compensation program. They miss deadlines, mess up their paperwork, and fail to learn about workers’ compensation law.

Industry-Specific Guidelines

Construction, healthcare, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and agriculture, among other industries, have to follow general labor laws along with regulations specific to their fields.

How National PEO can help

National PEO has a Human Resources team with decades of experience and expertise ready to serve you. We will conduct a stringent labor law compliance audit of your company to identify potential violations. The audit is part of our continued commitment to keeping your business running without a hitch.

Once we’ve identified potential violations, we’ll help you to prioritize them and to address them in a cost-effective way.

Whether this means changing your policies, your procedures, or your property, we’ll help you find ways to avoid violations while keeping costs down. With National PEO, you’ll create a safer workplace while protecting yourself from serious liability.

Common federal labor law violations

Our audit service isn’t the only way that we help you keep up with labor and employment law. You can get 24/7 access to vital labor law information by visiting our online Help Center. Find your HR answers and information, and feel like an HR pro when you visit our easy-to-use website.

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In addition, our online Help Center provides everyday hints on how to stay compliant and how to promote positive employee relations. We also post information about relevant HR topics, and you can ask questions or share your experiences in the comments section.

National PEO is always scouring the Web for articles, blogs, and important legal updates. Our team of legal experts posts regularly about changes to labor law, and we keep you up to speed on important industry trends.