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Feeling the pinch at the pump?  Is your commute to work becoming costly enough to cause you to reconsider your typical purchases at the grocery store?  Forget the ribeye steaks, it’s Ramen noodles tonight.  Our poor dog has been subjected to generic doggie bones and he hates them, but still happily accepts them because he knows it’s a treat.  Just another sign of the times.

Nevertheless, there are things we can do to cut down on fuel costs.  Arizona’s Maricopa County offers assistance through their Share the Ride program for perspctive carpoolers/vanpoolers.  Your may sign up on their website, for further information on how to save money, meet new people in your area and do your part in easing traffic and polution!

For other tips on responding to a changing economy, please contact Human Resources at National PEO, 480-429-8098.

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