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Injury Claim Administration

Claims administration: world-class workers comp compensation.

When a worker is unexpectedly injured, dealing with workers compensation claims can become an administrative nightmare. Claims administrative services from National PEO can help you with submitting, managing, and closing out your workers comp claims. Let our insurance administrative services ensure that you submit all the right paperwork and meet your insurance company’s deadlines.

Injury claims services for your business

Work-related injuries and diseases are complex to manage. Proper workers’ compensation claims administration requires working knowledge of insurance protocols as well as state and federal workers compensation regulations.

Paperwork glitches, missed deadlines, and incomplete information can expose your business to unnecessary liability. They can also delay treatment for your sick and injured employees, which makes them feel discouraged and keeps them from the care they need.

National PEO’s workers’ compensation department will provide a network of occupational medicine clinics for you and your employees. We’ll also train your management staff to quickly and appropriately respond to occupational injuries. Additionally, our team will take on the responsibility of reporting both injury and time lost claims. Let National PEO concentrate on resolving injury claims so that you can focus on running your company.

What we offer

National PEO’s team, working as your third-party administrator (TPA) for insurance administrative services, will keep your claims process running smoothly by providing:

Frequent Claim Reviews

Depending on your caseload, we’ll schedule quarterly, bi-annual, or annual claim reviews so that you’ll know where you stand.

Medical Management

Medical expenses can significantly increase the cost of workers’ compensation claims. We work within a network of providers that deliver excellent care at business-friendly rates. Our providers also work together to coordinate services, ensuring that poor communication doesn’t hold up your claim or your worker’s treatment.

Personal Attention

Although we provide claims administrative services for multiple clients, we ensure that our adjusters have an appropriate caseload. We don’t overwhelm our adjusters in an effort to keep costs down. Your claims get the attention that they deserve.


National PEO tracks important claims administration benchmarks so that you know how your workers comp claims are performing. Metrics that we measure include:


You deserve to know how well your claims administrative services are being handled, and National PEO is committed to openness and transparency. We protect the security and confidentiality of the claims administration process, but we also give you complete information about financials and performance. You’ll see complete financial information for each claim, and we make it easy for your internal claims management systems to integrate with our own.

Even though we’re administering claims on your behalf, you’re always in control, especially when claims can have significant financial and PR consequences. Before our adjusters agree to a settlement, we either consult you or follow the dollar limits you’ve established. If we’re dealing with a high-cost claim, we consult with you every step of the way.

Getting started with claims administration services

Contact National PEO to request a quote for your business. You can complete our initial questionnaire online, and then we’ll contact you for additional information about your claims history, your carrier, and your current workers comp claims.

In addition to getting insurance administrative services from National PEO, our other workers’ comp and safety services can help you keep your workers comp costs low. We provide safety compliance audits and extensive safety training to prevent workplace accidents. Investing in employee safety reflects favorably on you, enhances morale, and most importantly, makes your workplaces safe and healthy.

Call National PEO anytime or fill out our Web form if you have questions about our services. Prevention is the best way to keep workers’ compensation costs down, but when your workers get injured, we’re here to help.