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General Ledger Interface

Payroll ledger reconciliation made easy.

Taking your payroll services online with National PEO, making payroll fast and simple. Our payroll ledger reconciliation tools integrate data with QuickBooks, Great Plains, and other small-business accounting software types. See your data online at any time, and sync it seamlessly with your accounting system. Eliminate double data entry by integrating your online payroll service with your existing general ledger. You won’t need third-party assistance to reconcile payroll general ledger discrepancies.

Online payroll services for small business: reconciliation

Business owners that use third-party payroll systems often stumble when reconciling payroll with their accounting software. They post a single payroll entry to their general ledger, thinking that it will cover everything they need to record. However, when they try to reconcile their payroll ledger with their bank statements, the reconciliation doesn’t work. This issue comes up for a couple of reasons:
A payroll ledger includes many interwoven pieces, including employee pay, payroll taxes, insurance, employee benefits, and more. Completing a manual lump sum entry makes it tough to see where your money goes and which components of payroll are affecting your net income. That’s why companies need payroll services that can also offer payroll general ledger reconciliation. You should be able to view your payroll information at a glance, right next to your other business financial information.

National PEO makes reconciliation easy and convenient

When you use National PEO to administer your payroll services online, you get the convenience of reporting payroll over the phone, over email, or online — whichever is easiest. You don’t have to worry about going into the office to process payroll when you’re on vacation. Your payroll information gets uploaded and processed quickly and accurately.

Once your payroll is complete, you can login to view your data anytime. You can also reconcile your payroll data with QuickBooks or other accounting software, either after every pay period or monthly – whatever works for you. Everything you need to know, including salary and wage totals, taxes, health insurance expenses, and other benefits expenses, downloads into your accounting software so that you can see everything at once.

With National PEOs payroll services, you’ll never have to worry about bank reconciliation when an employee fails to deposit a check. Because individual check data downloads from your National PEO dashboard to your accounting system, your accounting system can flag the outstanding check when it’s reconciling your bank statements. You won’t have to deal with end-of-month delays, searches for outstanding checks, and other time-consuming issues. Payroll ledger reconciliation becomes painless, detailed, and mistake-free when you use National PEO’s services.

Other online payroll service advantages

National PEO works hard to take the headache out of payroll administration. We make it convenient, both for you and your employees, to understand what’s going on with payroll.
Access Payroll From Anywhere
National PEO’s online payroll service for small business is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. You can submit payroll in the way that’s convenient for you — online, over the phone, or via email, depending on your location. Your employees can access their pay stubs, current W-2s, and other critical information on their own. Business owners can access benefits reports and other information whenever and wherever they’re doing their business planning.
Manage Employee Pay and Attendance in One Place
National PEO offers employee clock-in/clock-out, attendance tracking, and HR policy enforcement as part of its payroll service. Managers can approve and edit timesheets, track attendance and punctuality, make wage adjustments, and view multiple reports, including benefits information. Payroll decision-making becomes quick and is driven by accurate, timely data.
Conduct Onboarding and Separation With Ease

With National PEO online payroll services, you can easily input new hire information and access important forms, including W-4s and I-9s, all in one place. You can also easily process separations when employees leave your business. At any time, you can view active employee lists, which can help you make recruiting and hiring decisions.