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October is National Fire Prevention Month. Is your place of business compliant with both fire code and OSHA standards for fires and protecting your employees? Many companies think that because they have fire extinguishers, maybe a sprinkler system and maybe smoke alarms they are in compliance and that is all that is required.

Unfortunately, this reasoning pertaining to fires safety and prevention often results in severe burn injuries to employees and even their lives. How would you answer the following questions pertaining to fire safety and prevention in you company?

1. Are all of your fire extinguishers current with the required annual inspection and recertification?

2. Do you perform the OSHA required monthly employer self inspections of all fire extinguishers?

3. If you have a sprinkler system, has it had the required annual inspection and recertification?

4. If you have smoke detectors in your facility are they checked monthly and batteries changed every six months?

5. Is emergency exit lighting tested each month to make sure the lights will come on during a fire or power failure?

6. Are employees trained on how to use fire extinguishers?

7. Do you have a written emergency plan and evacuation floor plan drawings posted?

8. Are your flammable and combustible materials properly stored?

9. Do you conduct the annual fire prevention and safety training classes for you employees as required by OSHA?

10. Do you conduct a fire drill at least once per year?

If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions, your employees are in danger of sever injury or death in the event a fire breaks out in your facility. You can obtain training and assistance from your local fire department, training consultants or your local OSHA training and consulting department.

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