Case Studies

NPEO Helps Find the Cheese

Recently a local call center underwent sweeping and dramatic changes both in infrastructure as well as corporate culture.  The changes included several updates to the policy manual and standard operating procedures.  The employees said goodbye to many of the supervisory personnel they had grown used to and said hello to several new and dynamic leaders to head up the ‘new company’.

When the client’s business leaders noticed a steep downturn in productivity and moral they contacted NPEO for an immediate assessment.  NPEO sent their skilled HR Specialists to act as an objective 3rd party observer. After a few days of interviews, team meetings and dozens of pages of note taking, NPEO advised the client that their employees had not been properly prepared for the changes and were becoming more and more disgruntled with every day that passed.

To meet this challenge head on, the NPEO HR team set up a series of feed-back and information meetings between the department heads and the team.  But first, they set up mechanisms for increased communication between department heads to start from the top down.  After connecting new communication venues with the increased sharing of information via positive conduits, the client saw productivity climb back to standards. After several weeks, they even experienced a 5% upturn in productivity and watched quality improve.

This client made the commitment to meeting the challenge of moving the cheese, NPEO helped them to show the employees where it was.

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