Case Studies

Jewel of the File

A local construction client became concerned with their compliance standards with regards to immigration.  After all the news and horror stories about companies being inspected and in some cases even raided, this contractor contacted NPEO to assist.

Immediately NPEO sent the HR team to perform their File Compliance Audit.  This intense audit included the detailed and thorough inspection of every single employee file both active and inactive to search for potential violations.

The HR team provided this client with a detailed report listing all potential violations and the potential legal and monetary assessments that would have been involved had this been an actual audit by federal agencies.

Furthermore, the HR team spent several man hours putting together strict SOP’s (standard operating procedures) to guide hiring managers and personnel assistants on proper and compliant file maintenance.  The HR team also educated the client on whom and why the government agencies want the files maintained in such detailed ways.

The education coupled with the on-site audit by NPEO assisted this client in becoming compliant within days of the initial phone call.

The good news is the client scored 100% on the last two follow-up audits!

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