Case Studies

Discrimination Claim Averted

A client was recently confronted with an employee who claimed she was discriminated against for race.  Her allegation was that she was scheduled on the shorter shifts that several other employees of different race. The client informed the NPEO HR team just before offering a settlement of several thousand dollars. Lucky thing.  The HR team immediately investigated the matter to determine that the employee’s record was sub-standard and that the employee had been reprimanded several times for issues related to everything from attendance to insubordination.  Also, the employee did not have the experience to work on projects that the other employees had. Furthermore, the HR team found that the other employees in fact were scheduled as much if not LESS that the claimant. Ultimately, the case was dropped by the claimant and no case was processed.

A victory for the client and a lesson that if you are right, you’re right.  Don’t be intimidated by employees that threaten law suit.

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