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Background Screening

Certified background check services: find the best employees.

Too many workplaces fail to conduct a certified background check on new hires. As a result, they end up facing costly HR and liability issues. For your own protection, it’s crucial to run a federal background check on new hires. Background check companies like National PEO make the process quick and painless.

Background check services: what to investigate

The information you need about an employee’s background differs according to the job responsibilities. Here are just a few things that you can uncover by conducting a thorough background screening:

Background screening from National PEO

National PEO provides clients with a broad range of background screening services. As a client of National PEO, you’ll receive discounted pricing and special service packages tailored to fit your needs.

Our services include:

Our service packages

National PEO has created three levels of service packages to help you screen employees during the hiring process. We mix and match background check services so that you get the due diligence required for your business. Each package offers ease of ordering and allows simpler budgeting on a per-applicant basis. We can also create custom packages to meet your specific needs.
Level 1
Our Level One certified background check covers local criminal records and Social Security traces. It’s a quick and simple screening that uncovers immediate liability issues.
Level 2
Our Level Two background screening combines the services offered in Level One with a more extensive criminal history search. We look for criminal activity in all geographic areas uncovered by the Social Security trace.
Level 3
For high-value positions, we can conduct a full federal background check along with education and employment verification. This package is crucial for high-level positions and for work that requires specialized knowledge.

Working with National PEO

Why work with National PEO when you have so many background check companies to choose from? Our experience, integrity, thoroughness, and quality of service make us better than the competition. We can do a lot more than just conduct background checks for your job candidates. We can recruit candidates, interview them, onboard them, and manage your payroll.

National PEO can take many back office functions off of your hands. Instead of dealing with paperwork and incidentals, you can concentrate on innovating and operating your business. Call us or contact us today to request a free quote for any of our services, including federal background check tools. You deserve to know you’ve hired the best people to grow, operate, and develop your company.