E-Verify ArizonaArizona’s Legal Workers Act requires employers to use the E-Verify Arizona I-9 employment verification system to confirm the work eligibility of all Arizona workers. Businesses that fail to comply with the law could face suspension or loss of their business licenses. National PEO, as a designated E-Verify agent, can set your business up with Arizona E-Verify and help you with I-9 E-Verify procedures.

Why E-Verify I-9 Forms?

In prior years, employers asked workers to fill out their I-9s and provide proof of residence or right to work. Then, they tucked the forms into their personnel files and forgot all about them. Arizona, like many states, has cracked down on businesses that hire undocumented workers. Arizona E-Verify helps Arizona businesses get immediate information about a job candidate’s right to work.

Failing to run I-9s through E-Verify can result in stiff penalties for businesses. Failure to use E-Verify can lead to charges of tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud the IRS because companies that hire undocumented workers sometimes fail to make FICA payments. Here are some examples of cases in Arizona in which companies were penalized for failing to take care of I-9 employment verification:

  • Construction industry. One construction industry employer was required to pay $450,000 in restitution and fines. In addition to one year of probation for the owner, the business received five years of probation.
  • Restaurant industry. A restaurant owner and company bookkeeper were charged with hiring undocumented workers. The restaurant owner was ordered to pay $95,000 in restitution and fines and received one year of criminal probation.
  • Farm industry. One Arizona business was fined $600,000 for hiring undocumented workers.

How Does E-Verify Work?

E-Verify Arizona is an online program that provides fast, free, and accurate right to work information. Employers submit information from the I-9 employment verification form, and the E-Verify database matches the information to existing government records. Companies must submit new hires to E-Verify within three days after the employee begins working for the company.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Create a case. Employers login to the I-9 E-Verify portal to create a case for a new hire.
  • Obtain E-Verify results. Most cases receive a fast and simple answer. Other cases, particularly when workers aren’t U.S. citizens, require employers to provide additional information. For instance, employers might be asked to upload a copy of the applicant’s photo ID so that E-Verify can scan it and match it to government records.
  • Close the case. Arizona E-Verify might return an initial or interim result, which requires a little more time and investigation before it can confirm the worker’s eligibility. All cases must receive a final result before a business can employ the worker. Most employees will receive a result of “employment authorized,” but some workers may receive a non-confirmation, or E-Verify might request that you close the case and resubmit it.

Why Not Just Handle E-Verify Yourself?

Businesses can certainly use the free E-Verify Arizona service on their own. However, dealing with discrepancies, requests for additional information, and added documentation quickly becomes time-consuming. If one of these scenarios sounds like you, then consider letting National PEO be your designated agent for E-Verify:

  • You don’t have computer equipment. Most companies use computers and an Internet connection, but some businesses, especially small companies, prefer to maintain paper records and operate away from the office. If you don’t want to pay for Internet service for your company and would prefer not to run E-Verify at home, let National PEO take care of it for you.
  • You don’t have enough staff. Most small-business owners are pressed for time, and they don’t have sufficient payroll to hire new office staff. It makes sense to delegate I-9 E-Verify screening to a trusted outside provider.
  • You’re already outsourcing your HR services. If you’re using National PEO as your ASO services provider to handle payroll, recruiting, applicant tracking, or benefits administration, it’s simple to add I-9 E-Verify confirmation to your existing service package.

E-Verify ServicesI-9 E-Verify Services From National PEO

If your business hasn’t started using E-Verify, National PEO can bring you into compliance so that you avoid potential penalties. When you use National PEO to handle your E-Verify Arizona requests, our Human Resources team will:

  • Enroll your company in E-Verify Arizona as one of our client companies.
  • Process existing employees and new hires through Arizona E-Verify.  
  • Follow up on discrepancies quickly to keep your business compliant with federal deadlines.
  • Consult with your employees if they have questions about I-9 employment verification.
  • Audit employee files to review your existing I-9s and help you obtain missing paperwork.

In addition to taking care of the Everify I-9 process, National PEO will keep you informed of known changes to federal and state immigration laws. You’ll no longer have to worry that you’ve missed a new requirement that could result in fines, penalties, or prosecution.

Let’s Get Started

It’s time to stop worrying about missing paperwork and potential financial penalties. Delegate the I-9 E-Verify process to us. Contact National PEO today and make us your designated E-Verify agent.