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Applicant Tracking

Application tracking: say goodbye to paper applications.

It’s time to bring your application tracking system into the 21st century. Stop juggling paper applications, logging into multiple job sites to post open positions, and struggling to organize your interview calendar.

National PEO, in partnership with HiringThing, offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use application management system to our customers. Your recruiting and hiring process will become organized, fast, polished, and seamless. Bring the sophistication of a large corporation’s hiring process to your small business. Compete for better employees and get your message out there with National PEO.

What is an application tracking system?

An application tracking system provides a one-stop dashboard dedicated to recruiting and hiring for open positions. The best applicant tracking system solution gives you the power to do these things and more:

Recruiting is like a sales pitch

The most talented job applicants expect a high-quality recruiting experience. If your recruitment is slapdash, disorganized, and archaic, you’ll lose top candidates to other companies. An application management system can help you avoid some of these top recruiting mistakes:
Confusing Processes
With an applicant tracking system, your recruiting process becomes much more organized and transparent. Applicants understand exactly what they need to do, and they know where they stand.
Disorganized Interviewing
Have you ever been so busy that you’ve scheduled an interview and forgotten that the candidate was coming? Even though you had legitimate things to do, your disorganization gave the candidate a poor impression. Applicant tracking helps you manage your interview calendar, clarify who’s interviewing whom, and ensure that you’re ready to present the best possible image to your candidates.
Insufficient Outreach
Today’s applicants don’t always look to traditional job posting sites for open positions. They’re attuned to companies that post positions on social media, or they regularly review the websites of companies for which they want to work. An application management system can provide tools for getting the word out about your jobs, using the channels that tech-savvy workers have come to expect.
Lack of Follow-Up
Even though a candidate might not be right for your open position, you still want that candidate to exit your hiring process with a positive impression of your company. Who knows — even though a candidate isn’t right for the current position, the same candidate might be someone you’d like to contact for future recruitment. An application tracking system lets you tag applicants and sort out your highest-ranking candidates. You’ll never lose touch with a great candidate again.

National PEO’s applicant tracking system

Even small businesses have big visions, and you deserve the best applicants on your team. A complete application tracking system gives your company the sophistication of a much larger company. Instead of hiring an HR staff, you get sophistication at a price you can afford.

You can use our application management system on its own, divvying up hiring between you and your managers. You can also let National PEO take care of all of your recruiting and hiring needs. Call National PEO, or fill out our contact form, to learn more about how you can implement applicant tracking. It’s one of many ways that National PEO transforms small business HR.