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Have you ever wished there was an easier, more efficient way to manage the recruitment process? Juggling resumes and keeping track of contact information the old-fashioned way can make filling positions at your company a real hassle. Now, there’s a better way to handle the recruitment process.

National PEO is pleased to announce our new partnership with HiringThing. HiringThing is offering online recruitment software that streamlines the entire recruiting process. Using HiringThing, small and medium business owners will be able to post job ads, manage the applications they receive and recruit the best candidates.

A Powerful Tool for Business Owners

We are committed to providing the best products and services to ease the administrative burden of running a small or medium-sized business, so you can do what you do best — run your business. We already offer a full range of payroll, employee benefits and human resources services. Now, we are proud to be able to offer our clients fast, cost-effective and painless recruiting using HiringThing. In today’s tough economy, competition among job candidates is cutthroat. As unemployment remains high, tens of thousands of job-seekers continue to search for work online. Potential employees now use email, social media and video calling to apply to positions advertised online and even to conduct their interviews. As job-seekers rely more and more heavily on technology to seek out professional opportunities, employers must keep up. HiringThing offers small and medium-sized business owners easy-to-use features to quickly and easily drive traffic from the most desired applicants, check and monitor the statuses of desirable job candidates, keep records and maintain efficient communications with the most well-qualified potential employees. HiringThing allows business owners and hiring managers to:

  • Quickly and easily post jobs online
  • Synchronize job ads to multiple job boards
  • Post jobs on social media platforms
  • Buy premium job placements
  • Order background checks on job candidates
  • Manage employee referral programs
  • Forward resumes to other hiring managers
  • Keep notes on potential candidates
  • Find out where applicants are coming from with Applicant Analytics reports
  • Rank job candidates
  • Create customized questionnaires

HiringThing offers a range of intuitive communication tools, and a rich administrative interface. The company’s blog offers helpful tips for hiring managers and business owners, including information on how to write the best job descriptions, what to look for in terms of a potential employee’s personality and how to better conduct interviews with candidates. HiringThing offers a range of annual and monthly plans for all business budgets. All plans come with automatic resume parsing, analytics, disclosure statements, keyword matching, screening questions and SSL encryption, among other features.

Meeting a Need

CTO and founder of HiringThing, Joshua Siler, got the idea for HiringThing when he was working as a hiring manager for a midsized agency in Portland, Oregon. He wanted to streamline the cumbersome hiring process, but found a dearth of affordable, effective recruiting software. He started working on HiringThing to fill that agency’s need for fast, reliable, affordable and easy-to-use recruitment software. HiringThing launched in March 2012 with a total of eight beta customers. “Most of those companies are still with us today. They became our first paying customers in Q2 of 2012. Since then, it’s taken off, and we continue to grow at a huge quarterly rate, and we’re pretty excited about it, so it seems be working pretty well,” said Siler in an August 2013 interview with Startup Frontier. The new software has made it much easier for employees to take advantage of modern recruitment techniques when seeking new candidates. Though it remains important for employers to pursue traditional recruitment methods, business owners and hiring managers can no longer simply post a few job ads and expect the highest-quality candidates answer them. Today’s employers must increasingly rely on new and traditional modes of advertising, referrals, social media marketing and efficient job post advertising to attract and draw in the best candidates. HiringThing has partnered with a number of other companies to help small and medium-sized business owners find and hire the best job candidates. In addition to National PEO, HiringThing has also partnered with Simply Hired, Indeed, Glassdoor, Trovit, Talent Zoo, Just Jobs and Direct Employers. National PEO is pleased to announce our partnership with HiringThing, a new company providing efficient, fast and affordable recruitment software services to small and medium-sized businesses. This partnership will allow our clients to take advantage of HiringThing’s recruitment software to make finding and hiring the best job candidates easier and more painless. In conjunction with our payroll services and human resources solutions, we are confident that our partnership with HiringThing will help us to more efficiently lift the burden of administrative duties from the shoulders of our clients, so they can concentrate more fully on running their businesses

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