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Running a small to medium-sized business entails many challenges, and complying with workers’ compensation regulations is one of them. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to focus on running your business and keeping up with ever-evolving statutes. Outsourcing your workers’ compensation administration takes a huge benefits burden off your shoulders, saves you time and money and helps guarantee you a happier, healthier work force.

When you hire a PEO to handle your workers compensation responsibilities, you’ll be putting professionals in charge of your claims administration, insurance and policy audits, and all your other financial details. Let our PEO handle all the heavy administrative lifting, so you can put your time, energy and attention where it belongs — on running your business.

Get Claims Handled Quickly

When an employee gets hurt at work, getting him or her the needed medical attention is a priority. The sooner you can get your employee taken care of, the sooner he or she returns to work, and the sooner the whole company can move on. When you outsource your workers’ compensation process to us, we’ll get your claims handled quickly and efficiently so you can get your injured employees healed up and back on the job.

Save Money

If you’re like most small or medium-sized business employers who handle their own workers’ compensation administration, you probably pay a deposit, followed by monthly or quarterly payments. You’ll then need to do an audit at the end of the year just to see whether you may have overpaid or fallen short.

You’re wasting time and money when you do it this way. When you outsource your workers’ comp to a PEO like ours, there’s no need for deposits, monthly or quarterly payments or end-of-the-year payroll audits. We’ll calculate your workers’ compensation payments at the end of each pay period based on your actual payroll numbers. Then we’ll let you know what your premiums are and you can pay exactly what you owe for your workers’ compensation costs — no less, no more.

Make Your Workplace Safer

When you outsource your workers’ compensation administration you’ll get valuable advice on how you can make your workplace safer. A safer workplace means fewer worker injuries and that means fewer workers’ compensation claims. Committing to a safety plan can lower your insurance payments and boost your employees’ morale. We’ll work with you to help you develop a workplace health and safety plan that can boost overall productivity and improve your bottom line.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your workplace safer, too. Make sure all of your employees have the right uniforms and safety gear — that’s a given. Inspect your premises regularly to make sure everything’s in good shape. Put anti-slip rubber mats in front of exterior doors and in tiled corridors. Make sure smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are in good working order, and that you’re in compliance with all safety regulations — we’ll help you with that, of course.

Sometimes improving employee health and safety is as simple as encouraging better hygiene. Post hand-washing instructions in employee restrooms; washing your hands with soap and water is the single most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of illness.

Improve Employee Fitness

Did you know that under the Affordable Care Act, your business could get tax incentives for implementing employee wellness programs? Wellness programs keep your employees healthy and happy, so they can be more productive and work harder for your company. When you outsource your workers’ compensation administration with us, we can help you make sense of how the new health care reform law applies to your business and how you can take advantage of it to improve your employees’ health.

Employee wellness programs encourage your employees to exercise more often, and exercise improves balance and coordination. That means your employees are less likely to fall or injure themselves at work. Encouraging your employees to join a gym or learn about proper nutrition can help them cultivate more energy and that can mean dividends for your company.

Workers’ compensation administration tasks are complex and the risks of mishandling them are high. You could be vulnerable to fines and penalties if you don’t provide a safe work environment or process workers’ comp claims correctly. You could lose your best employees if your workplace is unsafe or if workers’ compensation is delayed or handled poorly. Give yourself a break when it comes to calculating premiums and filing claims. Put your workers’ compensation in the hands of professionals by contacting National PEO today as we know the employment laws and can help make sure your small to mid-sized business is in compliance with every one of them. You’ll save time and money and could possibly avoid a lot of trouble, too.

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